Ways to earn good Grades in Academic Essays.

Normally, our childhood is spent in learning the easiest way possible to write an essay. When we were little it all started with small essays about cow, crow, our best friend, our idol and as we moved up in the world the essays got more complex and bigger.

So, to solve our long childhood problem here are some additional info which will help us get over some mistakes we make quite often then we notice. There are basically three parts to writing an essay which included many subparts.

Understanding the Topic:

This is the first and one of the most important parts of essay writing. If someone gets the question wrong than no matter how well written the essay is it won’t fetch any marks. So, examine the question look for keywords in the question to help you understand the question better.

Preparing to write the essay:

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After the question, has been fully examined, to write a good essay a lot of research work is needed. You should have as much knowledge as possible on the topic on which you are about to write. Researching on the topic make your essay less prone to errors related with actual facts, a lot of marks are wasted because people don’t do research about what they writing.

After the research, write an outline on the topic it will give you an idea of where to start, where to end and specifically the key points that you will have to include.

Writing the Essay:

Basically, writing the essay has many sub points which are as follows,

First and foremost, write your thesis, which will help you prove your point by highlighting somebody’s establishments or failure. Starting with a thesis, makes the essay strong as it answers the essay question in a clear statement and it will stimulate the reader on reading the essay with more interest.

Secondly, the introduction should have the main points which your essay will make to prove your argument. The introduction and conclusion consists of 10% of the word count of the entire essay, so starting it a thesis then points on which your argument is based will start the essay on a very good note.

Write a first draft to the essay, it is not the final product so don’t treat it as such but include the introduction, the conclusion, the main points for your argument and try putting in punctuation and proper nouns that follows your outline. What is does is it provides you with an outline of how the essay should for those who don’t have it figured out, for those who have outline it states out clearly what are things you cannot miss have to include in the final product.

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With the introductions done, it is time to move into the body of the essay, if the word count of the introduction and conclusion are taken out, it will give you exactly how many words you need to write in the body of the essay. Divide the body into paragraphs, highlighting each topic you make to support your argument. It keeps the reader interested if distinct paragraphs are made on each topic rather reading everything in one paragraph.

Divide the importance of the topic you are about to discuss, topic with more importance should be highlighted more than other topics. Highlight a paragraph which consist an important topic by going into details of the topic rather than writing about any topic which does not have that much importance.

The paragraphs should start with topic sentences which will make your essay more organized, well-structured and also reads well. The topic sentences help the reader to identify the topic that is to be discussed and understand how the topic helps you prove your argument.

There should be a link between the paragraphs so that the reader could easily understand the flow of the essay.

Write the final draft which includes all the main point, punctuations and edit the mistakes like grammatical error, spellings errors etc.

The conclusion is the most important part of the essay, what a conclusion does is re-state the answer to the essay question and highlight the main point which you have made to prove your argument. One mistake which is a common occurrence is, a conclusion should not have any new details which were not earlier mentioned in the essay it leads to deduction of marks.

These are the further information which will help anyone interested in brushing up on their essay skills.